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About Geller's

Geller’s was born from a true love of working outdoors and designing beautiful spaces. We are a family run business stretching across generations from the infamous Aunt Jacqui, to company owner Matt, and brothers Jesse, Jackson, Brandon & Sean. Geller’s was created to provide an alternative to the napkin sketches and spray painted plans of the past. With proper planning and attention to detail Geller’s is able to design, build, landscape and maintain stunning outdoor spaces. As the company has grown, so has our experience to include various industry awards, certifications, and flagship projects.

As a family run business we provide a high level of communication paired with professional design and build services. We feel we are partners with home owners, builders, and other contractors to ensure a smooth process from our initial meeting to the end of the project. The majority of our work is completed by our very own certified and educated staff which allow us to maintain the highest level of quality control on site.

While many companies walk away from a project upon completion, we have a large maintenance division dedicated to ensuring your landscape improves with time. From weekly lawn service visits, to pruning and flower bed upkeep, we are dedicated to creating a lasting landscape and outdoor space within your property. We love building relationships that stand the test of time - we are here year after year to count on for all your outdoor services.

Company Staff

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I started my environmental design degree in 2012 at the University of Manitoba, which was my introduction to landscape design.

I love being able to collaborate with my coworkers and clients on a project, so it becomes truly special and unique.

I am also the lead singer in a rock band!

Caila Sveinson

Senior Designer

Bachelor of Environmental Design
Masters of Landscape Architecture

I first started in the landscaping industry in 2016, when I worked out in the field as a gardener in western Manitoba.

I love the variety of styles we get to play with and explore when designing.

I have 3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis who are all award winners in competitive obedience and conformation.

Caitlyn Wolfe


Bachelor of Environmental Design

Geller's was my introduction to the landscaping industry in 2017. It inspired me to get a degree in environmental design at the University of Manitoba.

I love having the ability to design really unique and creative projects that clients enjoy for years afterwards. Seeing clients get excited about their projects makes me excited!

I have a standard poodle named Eddie, and one of my favourite things to do is sit in the sunroom at the lake and read.

Alyssa Auch


Bachelor of Environmental Design

I started working in the industry in 2011, doing residential lawn maintenance.

My favourite thing about work is the people. Whether it's a new client, new staff member, sub-trade, or supplier, I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I own two yellow labs and enjoy spending my free time exploring what the world has to offer by means of hunting and fishing.

Brandon Sutherland

Construction Division Manager

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (I.C.P.I.) Certified
Latham Fiberglass Installer Certified
Landscape Horticulturist Journeyman Certified Trainer

I started in the industry in 2009 as a seasonal sales rep at Rona, selling Barkman products, and soon realized I'd much rather build and create with these products instead of selling them. Not long after, I started as a labourer for a landscaping company.

One thing I love about our work is creating spaces for people and families that are designed to change and grow over time as the plant material matures. Also, knowing we are creating a space for people or persons to create their own memories.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, and one of my proudest achievements to date was acquiring my Certified Associate in Project Management designation through the Project Management Institute.

Marshall West

Project Manager

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (I.C.P.I.) Certified
Latham Fiberglass Installer Certified
Greenspace Management Diploma

I started in the industry when I was 14. I worked with my uncle in Vancouver.

My favourite thing about my job is seeing a project go from start to finish. The visual progression at the end of each day is very motivating, knowing that we’re creating projects that people will love and enjoy.

My greatest accomplishment was working on a 32,000 sqft paving stone install for a legislative building in Regina.

Braeden Guenther

Senior Foreman

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (I.C.P.I.) Certified

I started in the industry when I was 17. My neighbour was related to the owner of a Landscape company.

My favourite thing about this job is the visual progression at the end of every day!

I am also unreal at hockey!

Trey Namaka

Landscape Foreman

My first job was landscaping at the age of 17.

At this job, I get to work with great people and build cool stuff. What's not to love?

Fun fact - I am a huge blues/rock fan!

Michael Patton

Landscape Foreman

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (I.C.P.I.) Certified

I started lawn maintenance in high school and transitioned into decks, fences and landscaping. Eventually, taking on concrete restoration and installation. All contributing factors in pool installation!

I love everything about my job and field of work, but if I had to choose one, it would be seeing the end result and clients satisfied and thankful for a job well done! I love seeing a pool install go from a big hole in the ground to a fully functioning fibreglass pool - along with the many important steps in between!

My proudest achievement would be becoming a father and watching my two kids grow up.

Sean Wilde

Pool Install Foreman

Latham Fiberglass Installer Certified

I started doing carpentry in 2005 when I needed work while attending university.

I love having the privilege to take someone's vision and turn it into a real-world thing!

I am a proud dad, scientist, amateur astronomer, and recreational sailor.

Karl Weigand

Carpentry Division Manager

Journeyman Red Seal Carpenter

When I was 15, my brother, Matt, introduced me to the industry. I didn’t really have a choice.

My favourite part is the people I work with and getting to see the unique projects we get to work on from start to finish.

My proudest achievement is marrying my best friend and the love of my life. I am also a 3-time fantasy football champion and 2-time fantasy hockey champion!

Jesse Bell

Lead Carpenter

Apprentice Red Seal Carpenter

I started in 1998 picking and shipping part orders at a truck dealership, then moved to shop cleaning and on to working on trucks.

My favourite thing about my field of work is solving problems on the variety of equipment in Gellers fleet.

My greatest achievement is obtaining a red seal Journeyman Truck Technician certification.

Jason Wait

Lead Mechanic

Truck Transport Journeyman Certification

I started in 2012 cutting residential lawns and then transitioned to the Golf course industry for 6+ years.

I love making a difference on every property and watching all of our cultural practices come together and reach a common goal; the ultimate customer satisfaction!

I have a beautiful wife and 2 little boys that keep us very busy. I have a Red Seal in Landscape Horticulture and graduated from Fire Fighting College.

Jackson Mitchell

Maintenance Division Manager

Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist

I started in the industry 8 years ago, working for a small maintenance company with Jackson Mitchell.

I love being in a leadership role at Geller’s. It allows me to lead by example and be a mentor to our maintenance crew!

I am a father of 3 and just recently married. My oldest daughter and I started an initiative project called Support A Court, where we go around replacing basketball meshes around the city.

Braeden Pritchard

Assistant Maintenance Manager

Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist

In 2010, I enrolled in the Greenspace Management Program.

My favourite part about my job is getting to introduce people to new varieties of plants and teaching them about their value.

Fun fact - I grew up in Germany and moved to Canada in 2001.

Tania Ottenbreit

Lead Horticulturist

Greenspace Management Diploma
Edible Landscape Design Certification

I've been in the industry since I was 15; I started Gellers by knocking on doors saying, "Hi, I'm Matt, and I would like to cut your grass."

I love the friendships I have made over the years with clients, staff and vendors working together to make outdoor living beautiful. I rarely sleep; I can’t wait to wake up and go to work!

In my humble opinion, the team we have put together at Gellers is the best damn landscape group in the industry. The greatest joy of my life is watching my son Beano grow up with my amazing wife, Madison.

Matt Bell


I had worked my whole life in the travel industry until Matt approached me in May 2016 about coming to work at Gellers.

My favourite thing about this job is the people, of course!

I am the youngest of 6 children and growing up in our house, we had no choice but to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, as my Dad was their biggest fan. To this day, we still root for them… Go Leafs Go! I love spending weekends at the cabin with my daughter and partner, Darren.

Jacqui Bell

Office Manager