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Trust Geller’s to provide fast, affordable and reliable snow removal service through the cold and snowy winter. Our multiple snow removal trucks and crews are on call 24/7, ready to go as soon as the snow stops falling! You will never have to worry about excuses or trucks breaking down, we always have spare vehicles and crews ready to go!

Residential Snow Removal Contracts

By spreading our winter work load over multiple crews we are able to always guarantee fast, reliable service for all of our residential customers.

  • Our snow removal contracts run from the beginning of November until the end of March.
  • Service is provided every 2.5 centimeters of snow fall. You won't have to wait for a 5 cm storm before you see us like many of our competitors!
  • All properties usually completed within 8-18 hours of snowfall ending, with a guaranteed time frame provided in every contract.
  • Our crews are always on call, ready to start their routes the second the snowfall ends, regardless of what time it is.
  • We use truck mounted V-plows to clear driveways, and have the necessary snow throwers for all walkways and smaller properties.
  • Custom plans are available for each property to ensure you get the exact equipment, crew and response time you need.

Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

At Geller’s we specialize in commercial snow removal throughout the winter months. With experience working for various banks, offices, restaurants and other business’s we can ensure you will never have to
maintain your own property.

  • We provide priority AM service before clients or employees arrive at your building.
  • During times of heavy snow fall we will service the property multiple times throughout the day.
  • We supply safety sand & environmentally friendly salt on site.
  • Garbage pick up is available with every visit.
  • We shovel & scrape to the pavement or concrete to ensure you will never have ice and snow build up.
  •  Ice prevention sprays and deterrents are available on request.
  • Geller’s can assume all liability for any slip & fall claims that arise on your properties taking the burden off of your business and helping to manage budgets and operating costs.
  • By using multiple vehicles and not depending on one truck you will never have to deal with unexpected delays due to mechanical breakdown.

Winter Service Calls

We are always available for one time service calls. If a sudden blizzard is just too much for you to handle or your driveway has built up over a couple of snowfalls we can quote a one time service price to clean things up. Response times may vary on one time service calls as priority goes to contract clients. Click here for a free estimate.